Monday, March 10, 2008

i hate me...

You're gonna hate me. And worse than that, my editor is gonna hate me.
I should be at the MILK wrap party right now.
But, um...
I'm at my parent's house right now, like a big winner.
Before you even start, I'm exhausted.
Alright, not really. I could have rallied. But Mel didn't want to go. Joe had a date. My brother was like, "Well, I'm in. If it's 100%."
"It's 80%."
I wasn't in the mood to stand outside Bambuddha Lounge and explain to someone I know this person who knows this person who said I could go. I feel incredibly guilty for blowing off this shindig. Mr. X worked hard to make sure I was "expected" and really, anything involving a Penn, I'm into.
No one loves a party like I love a party, but frankly, I'm in the mood to watch The Queen OnDemand with free wine and some Triscuits.
Call me crazy and rightly so.
But it's the truth.
I'm disappointed in myself...


Sweet Melissa said...

Bethy, I was so tired, too. And getting dressed up for a bunch of gay men required energy I didn't have on a Monday night. Forgive me; at my advanced age, its hard to keep up with young 'uns like yourself.

seany said...

Beth, change your Blogger password. Some imposter has figured it out.