Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dots and feathers...

Alex and I had some time to kill at Kennedy Airport last night, so we settled into United's Red Carpet Room and started acting inappropriately. Both of us in slight-but-prepared awe of our mother's decision to, now that my Grandmother is dead, pack up and move to Greenwich Village for the Spring begged the question, "If, god forbid, Mom and Daddy died, what would we do?"
Alex, who is apparently stockpiling his Medendez-esque cache of weapons wants to open a restaurant. We discussed our ideas at length, me wanting to focus on ambiance and 'New American Cuisine' and Alex demanding an official definition of 'New American.'
His strongest insistence was to have something called "The Usual" on the menu. "The Usual" would consist of Alex's post-football-practice meal at the long gone "Avenue Grill." Currently housing Bungalow 44, we'd often have dinner at the Avenue Grill and Alex would always have his usual, which he would like to memorialize at our imaginary dining establishment.
"What's The Usual" you ask?
A Caesar salad, a medium rare cheeseburger and two Sprites.
I know. My brother's fucking adorable.
Anyway, an hour and several weak drinks later, we'd penned the following:

The Dot and The Feather: A New Dining Concept

Serving four-star Indian Cuisine, The Dot and The Feather is a new project from sibling restaurateurs, Beth and Alex Spotswood. The menu will include such classics as Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Vindaloo and Beth's favorite, Garlic-Stuffed Curried Na'an. The wine and cocktail list, aptly titled "FIREWATER" will lead with the Spotswoods' favorite cocktails, a Belvedere Gibson and Johnny Walker Black (rocks), as well as offer an impressive, California-based wine selection. Creating an ambiance to pair with the cuisine, diners will be seated on the floor within a traditional, 18th century, custom-built tee-pee in the Great Plains style. When asked why patrons would be seated in a tee-pee, the Spotswoods responded, "Because we're serving Indian food."

This tickled us the whole way home.
As did this exchange from watching a basketball game.

Beth: I miss playing basketball. I was good at blocking when people tried to score.
Alex: Yeah. You're good at defense.
Beth: You remember that from my CYO games?!?!
Alex: I remember the lore...

Oh, and PS: This is what I'll be performing at Mel and my "SweetSpot's Break-Up Party":


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, hilalarious, hilarious.
And you and Sweet Melissa are throwing a party? OMG, watch out San Francisco.

sfmike said...

I think of all my sowwow often too.

Sweet Melissa said...

I insist that you perform it exactly as it appears on the video. I am crying laughing!

Be_devine said...

Break up party??? What!?!? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Spots said...

Brian, Mel and I aren't breaking up. Once you receive the highly exclusive invitation, it will all become clear...

be_devine said...

Oh god, I was in a ball on the floor crying at the prospect of SweetSpots breaking up. That would be worse than the break-up of The Smiths, Culture Club, and Jefferson Airplane. COMBINED!

I am glad to hear that this all ends in a drunken evening of SweetSpots happiness. And maybe a hotel room.

greg said...

will ken lee be there?

Brock said...

i like how there are, like, about 12 people in the entire audience. third-world countries are funny.