Saturday, February 16, 2008


I love how little Fridays at The Brians turns into crazynight '08. Brian and Brian invited Sweet Melissa and I to dinner last night and the party just ended about an hour ago.
First of all, Brian Devine is the best catch in town. This guy makes pizza and pasta from scratch. It's Divine. Literally. I was the only non-lawyer at the table and we ended up having a discussion about women's rights. It was kinda like the dinner table in my childhood home.
Second of all, I brought JAV's bottle of Pinot he gave me for my birthday. Nothing like getting two Leno supporters to drink JAV's wine. Brian described it as, "A lot more Veronese than Alioto."
Finally, Melissa and I left at midnight and as I drove her to the Castro to find a cab, we found a parking place right in front of the Midnight Sun. Oh, we SO have to go in. I mean, it's midnight right now!
At like, 1:30, we decided she'd just come to my place and I would introduce her to the cocktail of the house, vodka and Crystal Light (Sunrise flavor.) As we walk in the door, we find Joe standing there in his underwear. "Oh my god, a guest!" He jumped in his bed and under the covers. We pleaded for him to join us. "No, no. I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed."
So Melissa and I sat in the kitchen and chatted until Joe whined, "You guys, come in here."
10 minutes later, Joe is in jeans and dancing in the kitchen, unable to lay still while anyone might be up for some Mary J.
I'm 30 and I just had a slumber party. We went to bed at 3 and spent all morning talking about girl shit. We might as well done each other's hair and crank called Clemens.
Which brings me to my point. I'm adding "Slumber party" the Joe's list of themed parties we'll be throwing. I'm talking sleeping bags, pillow fights, cookie dough, etc.
We'll watch Friday the 13th and like, totally freak out.
Only girls and gays are allowed.

So that brings the list of themed parties to four:

1980's Upper West Side wine and cheese party.
Goodfellas with meatballs and Spumanti.
Fried green tomatoes with a screening of Fried Green Tomotoes.
And old school slumber party!

I'm open to new ideas, but we need to start checking this shit off the list...


Sweet Melissa said...

Can I just tell you what a fun night/morning I had?!! I stopped carrying a toothbrush in my purse (just in case) about a decade ago, but it looks like I'll have to remember to bring it next time I hang out with you. That and my favorite NKOTB tape.

You rule, Beth!

seany said...

Themed party? Add the "secret agent" theme to your list.

I attended's 007 Shaken Not Stirred party at their former digs (the Porn Palace on Jessie) on 07.07.07 (that's right, 7 July 2007).

Everything from Bond Girls, guys in smoking jackets, Russian army officers, Dr. Evils carrying around plush toy Mr. Bigglesworths, etc. Fucking hilarious and quite sexy.

Be_Devine said...

Wow! Who knew that when I went to bed losing my voice at 12:30 a.m. that the girls' party was just beginning! I guess it's for the best that I stayed home since I woke up with no voice at all. Imagine that - me speechless.

I'm a third of the way to being Helen Keller, but I had a blast last night! Thanks Beth, Sweet Melissa, BrianTheYounger, and, of course, JAV.

greg said...

melissa was kind enough to inform me about an accidente on the K-Ingleside line as she was heading out last night, thus allowing me to inform my many readers of yet another tragedy on while it was sad to hear of such tragedy, it was lovely to hear from Melissa...glad to hear the rest of the evening was so rockin!

A Panda said...

Any party you throw that has spumanti.. I'm there. SO there. For realz.

Spots said...

The Spumanti was SO for you, Amanda!

And Melissa and Brian! OMG. So much fun...

Anonymous said...

Wait a second. Spots and Sweet Melissa slept together? It's a straight male blog reader's wet dream.

Becky said...

Whose idea was the 1980's Upper West Side wine and cheese party?

Love. It.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. Prank call me. At 3am I'm up doing crunches and writing the great american novel, so interrupt away...


- Clemens