Tuesday, February 26, 2008

do you know where your husband is...

Trolling through CNN, I started reading about Warren Jeffs, the polygamist leader of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints and I was all, "Oh! Polygamy! Let's wikipedia that shit and read all about it!"
Guess what popped up?
Polygamist personal ads!
Folks, this is your lucky day. This is almost as good as the time I discovered PrisonPenPals.com.
In keeping with my recent theme of religious online dating, check out...wait for it...2wives.com!
Apparently, if you become a member, you can check out all kinds of fabulous profiles, but don't worry. A "brave few" have chosen to make their quest for love(s) public.
Like Chuck, aged 28.
"I am not very religious, but I was raised Christian. I like honesty and being honest. I do not want to marry someone who does not accept that I may marry more wives. Who wants to break someone's heart, you know what I mean? Not me. What I might not have in looks, I make up with heart."
Oh Chuck, I know what you mean.
Or ladies, how about Bohdan? He's 58 and I quote, "I worked 30 yrs to become a millionare , now financially independent I know what I want and how to achieve abundant and successful living. Our destiny awaits us."
We've got to get this guy in touch with Patti Stanger.
And then we have Patrick, who is married but looking for a sister wife for his current "Kathy is 5'3" and a tad heavy from the recent birth of fifth child." Kathy apparently " is a SAHM/housewife and earns a little cash on ebay. She is passive in nature, but less so than Patrick, and is learning quickly to fit the role of submissive wife. She enjoys spending time with the family and reading, writing, and researching."
I bet you 50 Bibles that Kathy is researching how to get the hell away from Patrick.
Anyway, happy hunting...


greg said...

"Big Love" on HBO (and now DVD) is an unusually entertaining drama about folks living the life, some of it was loosely based on several polygamist sects in the US.

be_devine said...

Should we really be gambling using the Bible as currency? What does Ecclesiastes have to say about that?

Becky said...

Oh God...there really is no hope...

Brett said...

Let's review:

Using the bible to wager, bad.

Polygamy, A-OK!

Reba said...

He says he'll make anything out of carbon fiber for a customer. Will he make a vibrator?? Huh?!?

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