Friday, January 18, 2008

having a boyfriend is hard...

So after receiving a press release from JAV and reading my padre's article on a proposed Marin Commuter Tax for Golden Gate Bridge commuters, I wrote a scathing blog in which I expressed anger at my boyfriend for apparently supporting said tax.
Because we have such a healthy and communicative relationship, Marky and I talked it out this morning and he clarified both his position and his adorableness.
Thank god, because I don't want to die alone and this is the most stable relationship I've ever had.
Anyway, Mark explained that it's going to cost a ton of cash to fix Doyle Drive and if it collapses, we're all fucked. (He put that slightly more delicately.) Which is why he's already helped to secure almost half of the cost from the state and believes the current plan of the Marin Commuter Tax is unfair. All I'm allowed to quote is "San Francisco should not move forward independent of the leadership and concerns of Marin County."
Isn't it cute how he comes up with these sound bites off the top of his head? The rest of our conversation is off the record, but you people don't want the details of Spots/Leno pillow talk anyway. You'd just roll your eyes and groan, "Oh those kooky lovebirds."
So setting the record straight, Mark is not in favor of the proposed Marin Commuter Tax Plan and I had forgotten how boring actual governing is.
Hopefully, the Leap Day debate will be dicey! I've already taken off work, I can't wait to see what Carole wears. I do have to hand it to JAV, tho. He has JAV dog clothing for sale.
Yeah. Like dogs can vote...


Patricia Appelquist said...

I am sorry for this...but that picture of JAV and Mark look like the real life Bert and Ernie...


greg said...

doyle drive is frakked if they don't do something but the feds won't chip in unless we impose the toll/tax. funny how the bush adminstration sucks ass like that.

that pic of the boys looks like a Hirschfeld cartoon. Where's the hidden "nina" in the picture?