Saturday, December 01, 2007

why do they call it jet lag...

Dear God, it's 5:12am.
I'm still up. Not on some coke binge or taking a break from screwing Clooney. Nope, I'm sipping water and watching the Home Shopping Network. I actually got home pretty late, and still in my heels, flopped down on my couch to see if Friday Night Lights got TiVo'd.
Nothing like a little tipsy FNL at 1am, right?
4 hours later and I'm still up.
I watched Proof of Life. A little Goodfellas. Some "Paid Programming." I think I've just about convinced myself I need a Bullet.
The worst thing is, my being up right now pretty much ensures tomorrow (oh, I mean TODAY) sucking. I could be doing something productive, like folding my laundry or emptying the dishwasher or meditative yoga.
Yeah, I watched 2 hours of infomercials on how to make really, horribly, disgusting food quickly and easily. Anyone know what time Target opens? I've got room for three if there are any takers...

*update at 5:48am: Target opens at 8. You know, if I had some champagne, I could probably sleep. Or at least have more fun.

*updat at 6:01am: I can't believe I'm still up! I'm actually looking at Safeway's weekly specials. ONLINE. Pomegranates are two for one, FYI.


Jess Drake said...

You really should buy the Bullet, Beth. It's freaking amazing.

Becky said...

When I think of "bullets" I am definitely not thinking about appliances.