Monday, December 03, 2007

travelling alone with your parents...

In that red bag was booze and cigarettes!
Just kidding.
(I'm not kidding. I'm totally serious.)
Anyway, this is me and my Dad in front of a Buddhist temple in Penang, Malaysia...last week!
My mom just sent these photos and I wanted to find a place to include this one because my Dad is the greatest guy on earth and loves me like no one loves me and is the best, smartest, most magnificent man I know.
And he claims to have no pictures of us together.
Apparently on his trip, his new friends wanted to see pictures of his kids.
Alex? Oh, of course. Alex has a permanent place in the wallets of most Americans, much less my parents. I imagine our patriarch pulled out Alex's baby book, detailing his fall through puberty and rise into adulthood. Me? Yeah, I'm like a Native American who refuses to allow herself to captured on film.
So here ya go, Scrappy.
Anyway folks, relax. We took off our shoes before entering the temple.
Really, tho. My Dad's so great there are no words...


Rebecca said...

A great Dad is an awesome thing. You are a lucky woman.

Love your blog! I have been reading for awhile and meaning to drop you a line. I am from SF (and reared in the great MV) and reading your blog is always like reading a bit of home.

Oh yeah, and I hugged Gavin once!

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful thought about your dad. r.s.

Becky said...

I took me a minute...but then I realized that your birthday is comming up and you must have asked for something really expensive!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Becky, do you really think Spots is that shallow?

Anonymous said...

When did Becky become a co-writer on this blog? Cus I'm not here to read Becky's thoughts.