Saturday, December 29, 2007


I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Mikey loves to dance.
Last night after dinner, we swung by The Big Four for a drink. But half the way through our cocktails, the Van Morrison concert let out next door and the place was packed.
I'm sure you can imagine the type of people that go to Van Morrison concerts.
"Oh, I know where we should go." I offered.
Which is how we ended up at the Tonga Room.
The Tonga Room is in the Fairmont Hotel and consists of a huge, Tiki-themed bar/restaurant with a lake in the middle and a band that floats out and plays cheezy dance music... you can dance on a big pirate ship dancefloor!
Hell yes.
This place is old school and packed with an array of tourists, douchebags and old people getting drunk, paying a $5 entertainment charge and dancing the night away. We were finally seated RIGHT at the dancefloor and halfway into our Lava Bowl for 2, when we heard the thunderstorm and fake rain, announcing the arrival of the band floating out onto the lake.
"Oh my god, this place is amazing."
Song after song, we'd be like, "Oh shit, we're dancing to this."
You've got to love a straight man who will bust a move on a fake pirate ship next to a couple in their 80's and fucking OWN the floor.
Kudos, Michael.
My other Christmastime tale of fun nights out was on Wednesday, when The Brians and I took my mom and Uncle Bill to Martuni's. My uncle lives in Savannah and while technically from the 415, has adopted the ways of his current home.
Bill talks to everyone.
Not only that, he introduces himself per his insistence on calling every waiter, store clerk or stranger by name. Seated right by the microphone and chugging down martinis, Bill personally congratulated every single person that sang. By midnight, he was walking around the room making friends and mingling with old gays. I'm amazed no one hit on him.
We caught a cab back to my place as Bill said, "Martuni's is my new favorite place in San Francisco. Anytime I'm in town, we're coming here.
Gay cabaret bars. That's why god invented nieces...

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Beth! We need you to get on this!

This was the "worst weekend of his life" eh?