Thursday, December 20, 2007

merry christmas to you, too...

Today I have my first real piece in the real Chronicle! Hazaa! I leapt out of bed and ran to my computer, just to make sure they, you know, spelled my name right.
2 comments already?
Oh shit. I know what this means.
I don't know why I say in my little byline, "Originally from Marin..." because it always gets thrown back at me by some bitch in Bernal Heights who doesn't have a dishwasher.
What's so bad about Marin?
Marin: Home to Muir Woods.
Marin: Home to 1/3 of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Marin: Home to Sean Penn...


Kim said...

Hey Beth,

Haven't seen you in a while. You may not even remember me, but I'm friends with Kat & Shawn. Saw your article in the paper this morning and just wanted to give you congrats! It's pretty awesome!

shell said...

so i lurk ALL THE TIME and totally heart you. you always make me laugh. screw those people who don't understand your humor. being from marin has NOTHING to do with it. they are just idiots, plan and simple. :)

DJTennessee said...

Marin: Home to American Taliban John Walker Lindh

I am in love with the expression "American Taliban"

Be_Devine said...

American Taliban Johnnie Jihad! What is Johnnie Jihad doing these days? I bet he wears Diesel and hangs out at the Matrix on Friday nights.

sfmike said...

Home to Marin Joe's.