Monday, December 10, 2007

i've got an oscar, bitch. sit down...

This is awesome! Even more awesome is Brock's assessment of the sitch. I love that Brock. I know he occasionally gets a little shit for being my birthday/boozy/bitchy co-hort, but I just think he's tops and that's that.

Sean Penn is the CUTEST! Apparently, Spicoli's totally fine with some freak and his scrawled sign blocking his little 4 minute speech but I'd have been all "Security?!?" While Brock found this whole episode incredibly homoerotic, I'd like to offer the following:
1. Dennis Kucinich? That nut? Wasn't he the guy that made Cleveland go bankrupt? I'd peg Sam as more of an Obama bitch, but what the hell do I know?
2. If you're going to step to Dead Man Walking, you might want to...oh, I don't know...use a font. It looks like he scratched those signs on the floor of the hallway outside. What is that? A Safeway bag?
3. I was wondering when someone was going to come and rescue Conrad Van Orton. Thank you citizen in the fitted T!

Confidential to Sandra in South Dakota: *I would also like to take a moment to give a shoutout to the BFF, who is venturing into the big time and is about to rock all of our world. If I may rip-off the dreadful quote on my mother's computer... sometimes you have to jump and build your wings on the way down.
I know. Lame.
But no matter what you do or decide, you amaze me every day and I love you...


Anonymous said...

Forgive me if I find someone bitching about you and SFist the most interesting tidbit of my day. But if this is what the Deputy Managing Editor of the Chronicle says about you, I wouldn't worry:

Eve Batey: Hey, Kay, thanks for all the tips on what SFist should be about. Hard to believe my co-founders and I managed to run the site for so long without your advice! Brock is so lucky to have you.

If only we'd known what an untalented hag Beth was, when we began cross-linking with her personal blog back when we started the site in 2004! I certainly would have discouraged her from being an active commenter on the site for the 2 years I ran the joint. And I never, ever would have been so impressed with her work that I would have hired her to write for us at the Chronicle.

At the risk of implying that Brock hasn't brought anything new to SFist, I'd suggest that your fears that Brock is following some horrible new direction might be alleviated by actually familiarizing yourself with the site. Because the SFist you claim you used to know and love, the one where there were no links to Beth or drug jokes? That site never existed, except in your imagination.


Emily said...

That made me cry and I don't even know who it was about. My whole office is addicted to Spots! So we support the BFF (dot dot dot)
Also Evan the IT guy claims he saw you at Tonic. Say it ain't so.

Brock said...

i'm so glad you brought up the fitted t -- something i foolishly left out. it was an important part of the piece, and he was poking out of it. perfection.

Be_Devine said...

What are Republicans doing at SF State. Shouldn't they be able to afford to go to Pepperdine or Stanford? Please tell me he's not a poor Republican!

Brock's right, the sexual tension between these two boys is palpable. I bet they acted on it off-camera and I bet that Republican boy is a screaming bottom.