Friday, December 21, 2007

is there any more ham...

Everyone says weddings are the best place to meet people.
Perhaps it's true.
Last night I went on my first date with Adam, whom I met at Jason's wedding.
I know, I know. You're dying for details.
Detail #1: He's a gay.
But that's neither here nor there. Okay, maybe it's a little less here and a little more there, but who cares? We love Adam!
We met for drinks at the Tunnel Top and had our first outing as "independent friends." Independent friends is a big step, one I'm sure you're all familliar with.
We met at a party, you're dating my sibling, new co-worker in the office? Yeah, but do we want to be independent friends?
Anyway, I had the loveliest little time with Adam last night, that I drove myself to work all pleased with my cute and every expanding circle of peeps.
Sipping my Starbucks at a red light on Van Ness, I thought about my new friend Adam and my fabulous conversation with the BFF last night and a play with Mikey tonight and dinner at the Brians tomorrow.
Oh, the holidays. You're so fun!
I looked over to see a hobo in a Santa hat, sitting on the edge of a car dealership kind of dancing around. He looked over at me, so I smiled. Because you know, anything helps. Even a smile.
Yeah. Not Santa Hat Hobo.
He gave me a big grin and the middle finger.
Hmmm, maybe we could be independent friends...


Anonymous said...

Is Adam from Texas? I know you love Texans.

Ari said...

I saw you at Scott Howard on Friday laughing and laughing and laughing with a very cute guy. I didn't want to interupt, but I did want to congratulate you on 11 Things. Great job, Spots!

A Panda said...


Spots said...

OMG, I didn't even think about that co-worker line.
Don't cry! We'll be SO independent, I promise...