Friday, December 14, 2007

i am woman, hear me roar...

Get a load of my new best friend, the First Lady of Kenya.
Lucy Kibaki was greeting people at a party and an official mistakenly introduced her as Wambui, her husband's mistress.
So she slapped him.
I hope she back-handed him so he got a little wedding ring action.
Rumors in Kenya abound that Wambui is actually the President's secret 2nd wife of 30 years, but in America, we just call that a long-term mistress. Or Mormon.
Fabulously, the elections are in 2 weeks and it's the closest race in Kenya's history. So you gotta love that Lucy.
Hmmm. I was just reminded by some jackass that my husband's been screwing around for 30 years. Do I shut up and politely correct him, so I don't, oh...cause an international scandal right before the election? Or do I slap this bitch?
Team Lucy...

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Becky said...

I LOVE the label on this post. Like you some day might right about Kenya Domestic Policy again!