Thursday, November 15, 2007

i'll have the filet minyoracle...

WashBaG bartender: You need another?
Beth: I'm good.
Bartender: That's what it says on the men's room wall.
Mikey: (hysterics.)

I can report that everyone who works for Oracle was at Joe DiMaggio's Italian Chophouse last night. I'm also embarrassed to report that so was I. We enjoyed a sub-par meal (tho the charcuterie was pretty great) as we marveled that the joint was packed with about 90% men and about 60% douchebags.
So, you know, nice work Oracle.
Conveniently, dinner was over just in time for...Runway!
Tim's back, bitches. And gayer than ever.
I just can't get over Chris March, the gay in the leopard. When he was the "wig master" at my former job, I was the "costume mistress."
So I pretty much spent the entire episode curled up in the fetal position going, "Oh my god, Chris!" I was so caught up in this that I didn't really pay attention to much else. You'll have to wait until I re-watch for my judgemental commentary on everyone else.
I'll just say, I'm so glad it's back. Dear god in heaven, I am so glad it's back...


Becky said...

That was an awesome comeback. Although, I am sure the bartender has only used that one like a million times!

Anonymous said...

OK, did you like the bitchy emo gay's creation? The one that looked like it came straight out of 15th century Spain? Maybe I'm not fashion forward, but I can't believe he almost won the challenge... I was also pissed that crazy token "I'm not really a designer" lady stayed and Simone left, especially since crazy over there made what looked like something my cat puked up after eating too much Christmas ribbon.

Anonymous said...

His dress was really great, too! Congrats, you know a stah!

sfmike said...

Your fat fag friend is fabulous. The show itself, like all "reality" TV, gives me the serious creeps. I feel like I'm trapped in an Aldomovar movie with no way out. No wonder they all end with the "real" characters seriously acting out.