Wednesday, October 03, 2007

i am so torn!

Friday night is my hot date with Mark Leno, at the same event where Bolero and JAV are sure to show. So obviously, the huge mid-date food fight will be perfect Culture Blog fodder for next Wednesday.
I've been excited for weeks! What to wear? What to say? What to throw?
But you know what Next Wednesday is, don't you?
It's Gavin's 40th Birthday.
I repeat, it's Gavin's 40th Birthday.
(It's okay to take a moment. I had to as well.)
This is killing me. Seriously. This is actually physically affecting me right now.
First of all, you can expect nothing but Gavin Birthday blogs for the next 2 weeks. At least from me. And maybe the Sentinel.
Second of all, how will I celebrate this momentous occasion? How will we celebrate on the blog? How will we celebrate it at home? And how will we celebrate with Gavin?
All pressing questions.
We have so many things to discuss! My head is about to explode and I need to stop typing so I can take some deep breaths from a paper bag and calm my ass down.
But before I go, I need some volunteers to help me build a giant cake to jump out of. I'm thinking City Hall steps, Wednesday at around 6ish if there are any takers...


Holly said...

hmmm, I work a block and a half from City Hall . . . and there are several kitchens in this building!

Anonymous said...

I'll bring four Sam's Club tubs of buttercream frosting! I'm on CPT so I'll be there at 6:30 p.m. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I heard Brittanie Mountz is planning to give Gavin a great gift! But she won't tell because she can keep her mouth shut.

Jennifer is probably going to give him a book because she can't read it by herself

Kim is going to send him a framed picture of the Serengeti (it's after 5pm I can't spell)

Sophia will give him a free day pass to Tom Cruise's house on Xenu

Ruby will give him the 3rd Chapter of her book

Pat Murphy will give him a cake
His sister will get him another lawyer.