Thursday, September 13, 2007

goodbye my lover...

Screw you, Caleek and Bourdain.
You clearly know nothing of travel, broccolini and culinary brilliance.
So I'm breaking up with both of you.
CJ? You kick off CJ? The one voice of reason? At least CJ isn't havin lunch on a grounded plane in a Newsies hat.
I could not have been more pissed about last night's episode of Top Chef, apparently brought to us by Bertolli, Continental and the Glad Family of products.
Oh yeah. And some Blender.
As my very CJ-esque brother and I watched last night, we marveled at the constant and overwhelming product placement. I'll all for paying the bills, but I didn't even think Continental was still flying.
Perhaps the placement worked.
Whatever. Like Bravo's so poor.
And I'll echo last week's querry. Where the hell is Gail? Is no one concerned.
You know who else I could not be more over?
Padma "Make me breakfast" Lakshmi. This is not phone sex, Padma. This is a reality cooking show. Why are you talking so goddamn slow? Caleek has a flight to catch...


Star Ved said...

Does anyone know what the heck the whole "Who's the Shark?" crap is all about?

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet of Alex to come over. I know it's a sucky week for you and it'll get so much better because you're funnier than everyone, you're smarter than everyone and gosh darnit, people read everything you have to say.

kylie said...

Sucky week? Who done you wrong, girl? You're a ceWEBrity!

car said...

Beth is going to Singapore for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to find out what her airplane food is like NOW!