Friday, September 14, 2007

drink the juice, sherice...

After drinks at the cool kids table with Eve, Rita*, CBig and Brock, I decided to swing by Safeway and get something appropriately ghetto for dinner. My Safeway is of course the most ghetto Safeway in town, and if I shop there anytime after dusk, I will inevitably run into Sherice.
Sherice has pigtails. Sherice has a moustache. Sherice could not be more over her job.
And it seems that everytime I get to the front of Sherice's line, she goes on break. She might as well wait for me to unload my basket, stare me straight in the eyes and grunt, "Break time, bitch."
And I certainly don't blame her.
I've become fascinated with Sherice and often wonder about her personal life, assuming that she has one.
Does Sherice date? Is she married? Does she have kids? What does Sherice do for fun? What's her home look like? Where does she shop? Does Sherice party? What does Sherice think of Safeway shoppers? Does Sherice have a friend at work? Does Sherice go out to dinner? What does Sherice watch on TV?
Who, I ask you, is Sherice?
And here's what I'm guessing. I think Sherice's walls of her small apartment are covered in TeanBeat posters of various early 90's heart throbs. I think Sherice might have a couple of internet friends, but hates most people in general. Sherice's heart was broken early, perhaps by someone currently incarcerated. I think Sherice lives in a magical, very specific fantasy world where everyone loves little braided pigtails and there is no Safeway Club Card. I think Sherice is a big fan of chips with dip and The Hills. I think Sherice might have a difficult relationship with her much better looking sister. And I think Sherice has a pet.
That's about all I've come up with.
Last night, I finally made my way to Sherice, who for once, didn't take a break at the site of me, and I tried to make conversation. After all, this was my chance to discover the woman behind the nametag. But Sherice didn't want to chat. Sherice didn't want to bag anything. Sherice didn't even look at my receipt and struggle with my last name. Sherice, it seems, is enjoying her air of mystery...

*I like how in Rita's link, she's pictured reading what I presume to be some gigantic legal book about defending hippies while oblivious to someone taking her picture. Fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't like chips and dip?

Becky said...

Who doesn't like braided pigtails?