Monday, September 17, 2007

butterflies in the sky, i could go twice as high...

Last night, I went to dinner at Tres Agaves with Mikey (don't go. Michael Bauer has lost his mind.) which meant I missed the Emmy telecast.
But like a dutiful hag, I woke this morning with my coffee and English muffin and tuned into TiVo. Some questions:
Why was the Emmy stage the stage from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Why was Ryan Seacrest hosting? Either he has a really great agent or Carrot Top was booked.
And finally, Queen Latifah introduced this lovely 30th Anniversary tribute to Roots and then they have the rapidly aging cast onstage who emerges from... a cage!
A cage? Really? You stick the people who played slaves back in a cage?
Nice touch. Was that Seacrest's idea...

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Anonymous said...

"take a look, It's in a book..."

Sigh, they did THAT to Levar? So glad now that I missed the Emmy Extravaganza in favor of watching you tube.