Tuesday, August 28, 2007

confused hag...

Just like everyone else alive, I'm delighted that Homophobic Senator Larry Craig, R-ID is a big, flaming, airport homo.
And the most concise version of events and commentary can, as usual, be found here.
Apparently, Senator George Michael happened upon an airport men's room that just happened to be conducting a anonymous gay bathroom sex sting, made eyes at the undercover cop and went in the stall next to him. The Senator then proceeded to do a little tap dance routine or similar, apparently using the international sign for gay, gay bathroom sex.
He was then arrested and pleaded guilty, wanting to get this whole "misunderstanding" over with.
Oh, and the gay rumors have been following this queeny grandfather of 9 since the Reagan Administration.
Yeah. He's so straight.
Here's what baffles me: How were they going to do it? I mean, airport bathrooms are kinda crowded. It's not like the men's room at Badlands, where people just lean up against a wall and get busy. Plus, they were in locked stalls next door to each other, with the Senator apparently blocking the door with his luggage, sneaking a shiny shoe over and rubbing the bottom of the divider with his hand.
Was he going to shimmy across on the floor?
Seriously? I'm so confused...


Anonymous said...

Yes, the choice of venue is strange. Here on the east coast, everyone knows you get down at rest stops on the New Jersey turnpike. That's the spot. He must not be on the mailing list.

Anonymous said...

He used the term "cruise"
Case closed!
He's reaching to sound home-spun and folksy. He should have just said fuck.

sfmike said...

Go immediately to Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog and she will explain it all to you in the most delicate language possible. Seriously, it's great.


Anonymous said...

Check out the Explainer at slate.com. Apparently there's a very intricate dance of tapping feet and hand motions that go into the gay, bathroom sex.

Matt said...

I love how you referenced the bathrooms at Badlands.

xoxo, your #1 fan,