Thursday, August 30, 2007

better early than never...

My wonderful friend Jason, who is also known as both 'BTOB' and 'Bikeshorts', always gets screwed on his birthday because it's the same day as Mikey's, which is tomorrow.
Mikey is turning 24. Jason is not.
However, Jason's getting something for his birthday only a select few posess.
That's right. His very own label!
Click on "Jason" at the bottom of this post and you will be rewarded this countless hours (okay, maybe like, 2) of Jason adventures all captured here. Lucky you. And lucky Jason.
You've got to like a guy that gets THIS EXCITED about the Oscars.
Happy Birthday, J!
Here's your goddamn blog...


Anonymous said...

Jason is hot!

btob said...

Thanks, Beth. I should probably mention that I am getting married to the drunk dial from the "Jason, step away from you phone" post. You are always there at the important times!!

Oh, and Happy early BDay Mikey!

Anonymous said...

I remember that drunk dial. Congratulations!

Happy B-Day to you too, BTOB.


lo said...

Happy Birthday, Jason, and congrats on the wedding!