Monday, July 02, 2007

stevie wonder wears a watch...

I have to see a celebrity while I'm here.
And it doesn't count if they're on stage.
Yesterday, mom and I saw Curtains, with David Hyde Pierce AND Gil from Frasier. You know Gil. He's all, "Hello, FRAZIA!"
For some reason, we were seated one behind the other, and I found myself in between the tiniest little old ladies who not only could not see a thing, they wouldn't shut up about it.
"Oh, fa crying out loud. This is tarrable. What am I gonna do? Oh, fa the love a Christ..."
On and on and on and on with this.
I felt like a linebacker sitting between them.
I, needless to say, could see.
So finally, at intermission, the one on my right gets up, takes 45 minutes to collect her 45 overcoats and shimmy past her obsese, disabled friend and goes to the coat check, returning with a red velvet covered booster seat.
This brought her up to approximately my shoulder.
After asking those of us within a 20 foot radius to help her afix it under her ass, that is.
The show was great, however.
And after drinks at the apartment with mom, we met Dani for dinner at Po. It was perfect, the three of us drinking and eating on a little, tree-lined street in the heart of the Village, at the perfect candlelit table by the perfect open window with the perfect gay server. Christmas lights and Stevie Wonder playing and hot breezes and laughing so much, it hurt.
Scuse my cheesyness, but I'm never coming home.
After that, we wandered around until the wee hours before agreeing to meet (oh shit, right now!) at the Union Square Farmer's Market.
This afternoon, Dan and I are off alone for some serious shopping/eating/drinking/bonding. The weather is perfect, Les Halles is in my future and I like my outfit.
Again, I'm never coming home...


Jackson West said...

I hear the mayor is a totally hottie.

Tim, Mike's co-worker said...

Beth you are famous! Just remember, There's no such thing as bad publicity, just make sure they spell your name right!

Mike doesn't just come out and say such things as "my house mate is a celebrity".

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

This is Anonymous Steenie. Mikey works with me, along with other givers of pain and delight, at that bank.

Seems like you're having a FABULOUS time in dreary old Manhattan. Please remember to bring home a catalogue from Bergdorf Goodman. Mikey mentioned he likes to look at the pretty pitcures.

In closing, I thought it would be appropriate to mention that an elf has been working at your home and has totally cleaned it out. There is nothing left but a half eaten bag of "Tender Vittles" and a stack of porn that reaches as high as an elephant's eye.

When you return, you must come by for drinks. You pick the spot.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Steenie ?

Heres your comment

sfmike said...

And who can blame you, having to return to this provincial burg after enjoying the big city of Manhattan? The only problem is that all anybody does there is work, relentlessly, unless they're very rich, but at least they all have glamorous jobs at the center of commerce and distribution.

Spots said...

Ohhh, drinks with the FRB boys. What to wear? Maybe something in a hunter green...

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

Steenie again. Aren't you sweet to offer to wear hunter green. It's really not necessary. Just some little uncomplicated frock made of black patent leather will suffice.

We're not picky, just driven...

Hope all is well,