Thursday, July 19, 2007

so we've covered serial killers and long term kidnappings...

...both of which fascinate me! But it's time for something new.
Like airplane stowaways.
This morning, SFO crews found a dead body in the nose of a plane having just come from Shanghai. This news pretty much insures my place in hell for writing this.
Anyway, it's also made me wonder with what frequency air stowaway is attempted, if they die and how.
And here is what I've learned:
About 20% survive, which if you ask me, ain't bad odds.
They die from freezing, suffocating and the highly dramatic falling.
AND, sometimes the fuzz finds dead bodies in random places and has a really hard time determining cause of death. Was it a car accident? Attacked by animals? Oh wait. It's a wheel-well stowaway.
Somehow, I'm all over this.
But wait. It gets better.
So as I google around, looking for the sickness that always interests me, I invariably end up on Wikipedia which seems to sense what a depraved nutjob I am. You get to stowaway on Wikipedia and god bless 'em, they have "See Also: Human Mail."
Um, what's up.
Can I get a Nova on this shit...


Anonymous said...

I don't know about hell but you may have dashed any hopes of receiving a Gavin booty call this weekend. Dangit, Spots!

Becky said...

It worries me than mailing body parts is "even more common."