Friday, July 06, 2007

it takes a village...

This is my East Coast family. Somehow, through no carnal acts or official blood ties or inter-marrying, I have another set of parents, 2 sisters and now, 2 brothers in law. Aren't they fucking fabulous? I know...

That's Klaus the sailor, Robyn the artist, Molly the journalist, Brodey the blues musician, Jesse the handbag designer and Shane the architect/old movie watcher. The last time I visited Jesse and Shane in their fabulous Pennsylvanian home, Shane and I stayed up with a case of beer and the Gone with the Wind DVD. Back in college, Shane perfected the art of befriending his future wife's friends. And it was then that we discovered our shared love of the silver screen. Shane, in fact, was named after Shane. Beat that.

Klaus is king of the "dad joke." YOU know the dad joke? I'll give you an example of a dinner conversation at Klaus and Robin's, circa 1999.

Beth: So, I just saw this documentary about this Carnie family of people with claw hands. Like lobster claw hands. They all had them, the parents, the kids...complete freaks, famous in Carnie circles. Anyway, the dad went nuts one night and killed his whole family, in a TRAILER.

Klaus: He musta been crabby.

That's a dad joke, heavy on the puns.

Robyn, after discovering that I was swindeled buying my first television at Sears, wanted to start a company called 'Rent-a-Bitch" in which she would call offending retailers and call them on their shit.

Molly saved my 21st birthday. My folks had gotten us a few hotel rooms in Atlantic City for the grand occasion, the only problem being that I was about to be 21 and everyone else was a young looking 20. Jesse (who'd, in a celebratory gesture, leant me her homecoming tiara) called her big sister, who drove in with fabulous friends and showed me a fabulous time, while my crew sat bored in said rooms.

And Jesse somehow found a freaked out, very strange, highly verbal Californian in the middle of Philadelphia and adopted her.

Which is why I now have another set of parents, 2 sisters, 2 brothers in law and a sailboat...


robyn said...

I LOVE YOU BETH! and your whole damn family! They're Maryland cool baby! You did me proud sister!
In pennsylvania vernacular---
Really, I find your posting rather wonderful and feel proud of being mentioned at all... you starred at the weddin darlin! Bloggers? My Beth is waiting for THE place to happen! Robyn

Anonymous said...

Jeez Beth, all your East Coast friends are gorgeous.