Friday, July 20, 2007

i want to be bill wilson...

Once again, thank God for Bill Wilson. I don't know how this photographer has such glorious access to everything Gavin does, nor do I care. I am only delighted and honored that Bill chooses to share this with us via the internet.

I don't know who's more frightened.

I think Gavin just sat on a kid.
What the hell are these people doing? It's a pile of dirt on some asphault. Why are shovels and hardhats necessary? You an see the entire array of Portola Library Groundbreaking here. It's really quite something.
And then I recommend you spend some time with Gavin and Heather here.


Anonymous said...

Gavin's starting to get wings like Paulie Walnuts.

Anonymous said...

Bill Wilson is a good photographer but his shots still don't have the sheen (?) or clarity that Luke Thomas has. As example the picture of you and Gavin is a very much high quality shot than Bill pic of Gavin and Genypher Seebull at Pride parade.

OOOHHH did you see the ones of Gavin at the AIDSWALK he gives Kelly a neck rub.

Anonymous said...

Screw pictures I want to see Gavin in person and YOU CAN TO click on the link for a private tea party w/ Jennifer and Gavin

sfmike said...

No, you don't want to be Bill Wilson, because that means you would have to hang out with Pat Murphy. Even with your fascination in serial killers and all that is sordid, criminal and bizarre, that prospect should still give you pause.

Jess Drake said...

He's aging HORRIBLY.


I'm sure you love him all the same, of course, but we can all admit that Jennifer will be the end of him.