Sunday, June 24, 2007

go figure...

I'm saving ALL the glory for the Culture Blog. Those bitches pay me. You don't.
I got my picture taken with Gavin today at Homo Breakfast '07.
Just us.
Kinda like an engagement photo.
Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I look like shit in it. It was 8am, no make-up, no idea he'd be there, hungover and in no mood. I was ill prepared for me first official, introduced rendezvous with my future spouse.
He probably thought I was a lesbian.
And honestly, who can blame him?
What's someone look like when they're shitting themself? You're gonna find out real soon.
Oh, and I stole his Starbuck's paper cup.
Sick? Yes.
Booze? No.
On my mantel? Of course!
Can you tell I'm a little excited?
Stay tuned and Happy Pride...


That Chick said...

AWESOME BETH! It was a great pride parade and the nascar in Sonoma was awesome too! (it must of been photo day b/c I got my pic w/ Jeff Gordon!)

I bet Gavin wanted to give you his Starbucks cup and something more.

Can't wait to see the photo...did Bill Wilson get immoralize the moment for you?

Jess Drake said...

Oh my God, I hate you! I have to wait 'til Wed. to read this?!



How are you not freaking out more?! If I was near Gavin without make-up or, like, not looking anything short of a million bucks, I would DIE.


Anyway, I'm super exited and can't wait to read it.

cookiecrumb said...

Can I come to your wedding?
Because I went to Gavin's other wedding, to the skeletor. Didn't buy them a gift or anything, but I went. (Oh, the favor bag for guests was a framed photo of Gavin with the skeletor... ew.)
But I'll buy you a gift. If you invite me.

Anonymous said...

FOR: that chick.....i made bank today taking JPM at 7 to 1 odds....i tell you this bc i also thoroughly enjoyed the race and i know beth couldn't really give a shit

-gray cloud