Wednesday, June 20, 2007

conduct unbecoming. i love it...

Chris Daly needs to take a Xanax and a nap.
As I will discuss on the Culture Blog today (up HERE at noon), Gavin Newsom is a glowing god of political integrity and I think someone's jealous.
Basically, Chris called my boyfriend a coke whore.
What the fuck, hippie?
Actually, the best part of Daly's rant was when he said, "Where does Gavin Christopher Newsom get his substance abuse services, and how much do they cost the City and County of San Francisco?"
Yes! The GCN! I suspect someone's been reading my blog.
And while I personally am not a fan of blow, I really don't see what the big deal is. Who wouldn't need a key bump to get through a conversation with Swiss Miss?
Finally, are you going to tell me this guy doesn't smoke weed?
I'm getting stoned just looking at him...


sfmike said...

But your boyfriend probably IS a coke whore, although as you point out there are extenuating circumstances.

I was working at home with Channel 26 as sort of a background buzz yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden the Napoleonic Peskin announces that the Supervisors should speak on the budget issue before the hundreds of people who'd been jamming City Hall's corridors for hours waiting to testify. The next thing I know Daly is grandstanding rather magnificently and at the end the crowd gave him a spontaneous standing ovation, something I don't think I've ever seen before at the Board of Supervisors chambers.

--xxx from your One Progressive Reader

Anonymous said...

Any shots of the new auburn Swiss Miss? She's so mysterious!! She'd drive me to freebase.

Anonymous said...

My coworker came in my office and told me about Daly dropping the coke bomb. At the same time, we both said, "Spotswood!"

You never fail to make me fall out of my chair laughing. Completely funny, completely unlike anyone else. Well done once again.

-Mark (and Seth)

Anonymous said...

As someone that hangs out with Beth, let me tell you, bitch gets hit on.
In person.
On the blog.
Men love Spots.
It sucks. (Except for when food gets sent over.)
Beth is getting a little famous. This sucks too. People ask me about her because they know we're friends (Beth, I know you're sick of hearing about this, but) and I want to tell them to die painfully.
She's only pretty and funny to those she likes. As in, not you.
I'm just speaking as a gay who is sick of straight boys not paying attention to me. Mark and Seth et al can fuck off. She ain't that great.
In fact, Beth Spotswood a pain in my fucking ass.

Becky said...

See Beth...everybody is a fan!

Anonymous said...

hopefully swiss miss will take it upon herself to do some more stupid interviews defending gav again...can't wait!!