Tuesday, April 03, 2007

this should go without saying, but...

I have to say, I’m pretty riled up about this article. If I may, I need to vent. Apparently, David Sedaris, who in my eyes is a fucking genius, is warm water because some jackass at The New Republic still overcompensating for Stephen Glass has just shockingly revealed that Sedaris “exaggerates.”
Oh my god. Where’s my refund?
Apparently, listing masterpieces like Naked as non-fiction is a crime against literature because a homo with a sense of humor knows how to tell a fucking story.
Anyone who has ever been in my drunken presence knows that any good story needs a little fucking fairy dust. And sprinkling said dust does not mean that said story is fiction. It simply means its good, fuckers. Furthermore, anyone ever appeared in my “non-fiction” blog knows that sometimes, our adventures somehow turn out faster and funnier than they might remember. That’s the whole goddamn point.
So, just for the record, in case the In-Flight Magazine of Air Force One feels like exposing regional bloggers as seedy exaggerators, I’m covered in fairy dust, you uptight, humorless hacks, and I don't care who knows it…


Jerry said...


You tell them, Spots!
Good job!

Anonymous said...

Right on sister. Looking forward to another hysterical Culture Blog tomorrow. Did you see Gavin is channeling your sexy specs look? I guess he heard that you like smart guys who read and stuff.