Monday, April 30, 2007

nevermind. love it...

So, remember back in the day when I bitched and moaned constantly about being excluded from the Nob Hill Gazette's Most Eligible List and then shut up about it? Well, that's because they offered to pay my loser ass to write about the Eligible Soiree they threw to celebrate those that made said list.
Obviously, there's not a lot I wouldn't do for a free cocktail, much less cold hard cash. So I went.
It was fun. I made friends. Drinks were temporarilly free.
And a few days later, I submitted my report.
I always say "Edit away! I don't care. Rip it apart. It's total hogwash."
But I think that's because I'm used to Eve, my editor at the Chronicle Culture Blog who brilliantly adds links and fixes glaring grammatical errors, but otherwsie, leaves my crap untouched.
Guess what?
The new Nob Hill Gazette is out. And here is mostly what I wrote. It's probably 90% me. But that 10% is making me slightly insecure.
By the way, I was stalking the DJ with Matthew, not Matt, but maybe Gavin made Matthew put the kibosh on any Spots related activity. One can't be sure.
Whatever. I got my gratis cocktails, a gift bag filled with See's and really good body scrub, the ladies of the NHG were actually laid back and lovely and I somehow garnered a ton of invites to a bunch of swanky parties.
But just know, I have never held my head high in my life. That would only make me taller...*

There IS a photo of me in the paper version with C-Big and Matty G! I can die happy. I'll scan tomorrow...


Celynnen said...

hmmm. 90% you. . . 10% valium maybe.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty awesome the NHG finally realized your talent. Now, they just have to give you an entire page to your own for a small price of say...dinner at Plumpjack w/ Kimberly, Eric, Gavin, and Jennifer.

Kim for this dirt
Eric b/c she doesn't go anywhere w/o him
Gavin to edit what Kim says
Jennifer for entertainment

Anonymous said...

I hear Gavin digs tall chicks. You just have to become really dumb somehow. I know, apply to the MBA program at Stanford.

Anonymous said...

No photos? Damn! I wanted to see you doing your best Vanessa Getty-they are lucky to have me here-ice queen pose.

Anonymous said...

You're far too good for them, but I liked the article, even edited. You've got a great voice, Beth. It always comes through. Also, I really enjoy your Yelp reviews. And seeing photos of all your characters is fun.
Keep it up, Dimples!