Thursday, April 12, 2007

i'm out of my damn mind...

It could not be more awesome that the first time anyone actually mentioned my name on the radio, it was to say “That woman is out of her damn mind.”
In a glorious twist, Greg the Gay Sportscaster was so excited about being included on Wednesday’s List of potential mayoral candidates, he discussed it on homo radio this morning. They said my name and everything! I was flipping out with my car pulled to the side of the road, desperately calling everyone I knew and praying that Gavin loves gay techno.
In other exciting Spots news, the Friday Night Lights finale was last night. Obviously, the Panthers won state. Mikey was worried that, like in the movie vershz, the team would eat it at the last minute and we’d all learn some stupid lesson about sportsmanship or something. Conveniently, this is episodic television, not cinema and NBC knows their audience. So, here are my predictions for next season, for the three people who care:
The Taylors stay in Dillon. Tammy’s preggo, Julie’s in madly love with the suddenly manly Matt and while it is Eric’s “dream” to coach at UT, he can’t leave the very team he took all the way to State in like, 3 months. If he leaves Dillion, who’d coach? Hotwheels?
I have no idea what’s going to happen to Smash, Lyla, Riggins and Tyra because even though it’s Texas, I still imagine they’d graduate.
I couldn’t care less about Waverly. I hope she ends up in a padded room.
I hate Hotwheels.
Riggins stays around for Bo and the MILF, as I love all three of them.
And finally, you heard it here first: Landry and Tyra fall into romantic, odd couple bliss…


Anonymous said...

wish we could hear them in so cal. congrats spots

cleona said...

i was casual carpooling today and the driver was playing that radio station in his crappy old subaru. WTF is this, i thought. usually people play NPR, KOIT, or KPFA.

anyway, they said they were going to talk about how greg was mentioned in an sfgate blog and what an honor it was—in 30 minutes! my ride would be over by then and i missed it.

but it validates that station for me. i am now a fan.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miss Beth! I'm hoping that your name will come up again the next time Gavin is on the radio announcing his split from Swiss Miss.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Swiss Miss gets a huge role in some blockbuster trilogy that films consecutively starting next month in Australia. That way, Gavin will get lonely, call you or Ruby and all will be right in the world again.

Anonymous said...

nobody commenting on FNL? I'm shocked.