Monday, April 02, 2007

again, no onions...

Lo invited Mikey and I to dinner with her mother, and in the interest of making Lo look as adult and fabulous as possible, we had them both over for wine and cheese before our reservation at everyone’s favorite old school haunt, Flytrap.
We were boozing it up long before we got to dinner, so by the time we had our waiter send over the second bottle, I was all, “Where’s the after party?”
And Lo’s mom, Ollie was all, “What are my options?”
Oh, this I can do.
Option 1: 916B (that’s what we’ve named the bar in the dining room. Matchbooks are on order.)
Option 2: Jay ‘N Bee, described to Ollie as “A fabulous dive bar by the house.”
Option 3: The Big Four, then described as “appallingly wonderful and fancy and where I really want to go. No pressure.”
Ollie smiled. “How about a quick drink at the Big Four?”
Nice. Excellent. Apple not falling far from tree…


Anonymous said...

Sound like fun. Nice picture too. Did you see the photos at Drew Altizer's site from the Bob Woodruff party? Lots of Swiss Miss shots including one sucking up to Gordon Getty. She's making an attempt to show expression, but that botox in her head won't budge.
She has some serious roots and super dark brows. God given hair color my ass. You know the carpet isn't matching the drapes.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving this anonymously because I'm embarassed to admit that sometimes, I wish I could hang out with you in fancy restaurants and drink and eat really expensive wine and food because you look so fun!

King Conchobar said...

"Mikey and me"