Thursday, March 22, 2007

they should link to dlisted...

Every once in awhile (meaning constantly), I swing by Gavin’s website to get updates on pressing municipal issues and policy. And today I noticed in his link section, the following website recommendations:

“Mean but Interesting”: San Francisco Bay Guardian
“Mean but Funny”: SFist
“No Sense of Humor but Interesting”: Beyond Chron

Where the fuck is Spots?
I love that Gavin and his minions regard themselves as the benchmark of what’s funny, which they kind of are, because I’ve spent the past few months laughing my ass off. Unlike Beyond Chron, I have a sense of humor.
At the bottom of the page, there’s a “Suggest a link!” button and here are my top five suggestions for Gavers:

“Hot but Retarded”: Swiss Miss
“Ridiculous but Addictive”: Nob Hill Gazette
“Mean but Crazy”: Chris Daly
“Equal Opportunity Employer but Irrelevant”: Benefit Magazine
“Stunning but Brilliant”: what the hell do you think…


That Chick said...

Beth Spotswood! You are fabulous, Absolutely Fabulous!!! I totally forgot to endorse Gavin until you reminded me of his hideous website!

Dear Gawd Almighty! Who do these people think (sic) they are!!!

Compared to the Plumpjack website (btw, why isn't THAT website listed???) should give viewers directions on where they can find decent paperbags to throw up in after being subject to that color coding monstrocity.

Can't the guy afford a decent webpage designer???

sfmike said...

What about "Civic Center: Mean But Pretty Photos"?

cookiecrumb said...

I used to call my husband "Thoughtful but Mean."
I still do, come to think of it.
(My mom? Mean but Mean.)

Anonymous said...

I saw Brittanie Mountz crossing the street near Union...not all that cute. Not as tall or thin as she appears to be in photos.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that Ms. Siebel used your quote from the sfist review on her website?

Spots said...