Thursday, March 15, 2007

there's nothing to see here...

Apparently, when one spends a great deal of one's time making fun of local celebrities on the internet, one’s karma builds up. Which is probably why I was pulled over on my way home last night.
Immediately upon seeing flashing lights in my review mirror I pulled over to the side of the road, a mere 2 blocks from my front door.
This MUST be the work of Swiss Miss!
“Hi there. License and registration, please.”
Shit. I handed over my paperwork and nervously eyed the less than hot cop. “What’d I do?”
“Oh, your stickers are out of date, that’s all.”
The worst part about being pulled over isn’t the monetary fine or the knot in your stomach.
The worst part about being pulled over is the fact that every other driver, cyclist and pedestrian stares at you with abandon. After all, I’m clearly a criminal. The staring rule doesn’t apply to me.
What’s worse, for some reason, less than hot felt the need to call for backup. 2 cruisers were on the scene in seconds, as if me and my out of date registration were going to go on the lam. I eyed them in my rearview mirror, watching them in serious conversation and then suspiciously eyeing me back.
I even tried to smile at one elderly woman across the street, a frightened spectator to my apparent arrest. She looked like she was expecting the fuzz to set up barricades any minute.
Not so hot finally returned, handed me a fix-it-ticket and told me to have a great night. I was tempted to respond that I would indeed have a great night if he’d get on his loudspeaker and explain to my neighborhood that I’m not a drug dealer or child molester or similar, but figured I might as well quit while I’m behind…


Anonymous said...

Those blue meanies clearly don't read the Chron or else they'd have let you slide once they put it together who you were. Maybe GCN ordered it ?

Obviously theres no crime in SF so these guys have to resort to ticky tack infraction chasing... Were you doing 70 through a red light in front of a school ?

Bonita said...

Remember when my car got a boot put on it?? Now that was embarrassing! Also, don't the police have actual criminals to find in the Mission??

That Chick said...

Karma is a bitch, will take every opportunity to trip you up.

Funny stat: most accidents and traffic tickets happen within 1 mile of residence...

Seriously, I got in a car accident not two blocks from my house
A little more than a year later I got a speeding ticket...Then I just got rid of the car...couldn't handle the possiblity of anything more happening...or afford it.

greg said...

"the fuzz"?

I haven't heard that one in ages. Only you could pull off using it and not sound like a 1920's wannabe.


Celynnen said...

cops generally won't pull you over for something so lame unless they're bored or trying to up their ticket count. Less than hot must have been slacking off this week and had to make up for it by ruining your night.

There's a motorcycle cop who likes to sit in front of my house and catch the folks who run the stopsign at the end of my block. It's damned annoying at 6am to have a motorcycle revving under your bedroom window every 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Shooting in you neighborhood yesterday, so they were stopping everyone. They actual caught the shooter... Trust me the SFPD loves your blog.

Anonymous said...

this should cheer you up!

Anonymous said...