Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i'm such a wednesday's wednesday...

As promised, here are my eloquent thoughts on the latest and greatest Newsom Ho Scandal. Thank you San Francisco Culture Blog for the opportunity to vent. I feel so much better...


Anonymous said...

Was she channeling her inner e e cummings with that typing style?

Beth, your side comments are the funniest shit. I sit and laugh in my cubicle.

Weren't those Koko the gorrilla people sued for sexual hararsment, making women show their boobs to the apes or something ?

Jennifer said...

Excellent post Beth!! I've been waiting all week for your recap. You did not disappoint!

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE GATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (right under Matier and Ross. OMG)

greg said...


I just read your posting at SFGate on my mobile phone while waiting for the bus. I could not stop laughing, so loudly, in fact, I attracted a small group of lunchtime office denizens who were wondering what was so frakking funny.

rock on.


That Chick said...

Beth, you did not disappoint.
Now, you and Rita should go shopping with Jennifer Siebel immediately!

Or just have the fine gals from The Mayor and the Hair ( give Jennifer a makeover and I am sure all will be right with the world!

amy said...

You know that guy at work I told you I had a crush on?
Yeah. He just forwarded me your Chron Blog.
Subject line: "This chick is hilarious. I love her!"

I fucking hate you. Stop stealing my man, bitch.

I wrote him back and told him what a skank you were and how you were a big slut and you'd never lower yourself to the likes of him.
The saddest part? He was impressed we're friends.

Ewww. You suck. I hate you. You are so Ruby. I am so Jen right now.

Anonymous said...

You once told me that buzz is everything. Damn, bitch. They're buzzing about YOU. So excited! So proud! Because you are SO funny.

Love you. Mean it. Seriously.

Brendan (and the whole office)

PS: Kevin wants to know how full your dance-card is. You met him at my last party, remember? I told him I called dibs. I'm buying drinks this weekend, but only for celebrities.

greg said...

Dunno if you saw this, but this was fron Gaviffer's first date:

Found on Flickr!

Mollybnyc said...

Beth did you really make the front page of the Gate? I loved it! You continue to amaze. I thought your "headline" was the best, though... the laughs start right there. The caption for the photo too? Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

This was a great article. I am now officially a fan.