Thursday, March 29, 2007

i'm cheating on gavin...

So that I cover every possible Gavin Christopher Newsom base in my never-ending quest to one-up Han Sup (yeah, I like saying it too), I’ll not only be attending GavinWatch’s (rescheduled) launch party tonight, but an un-named close and connected friend will be taking notes for me at the Gavin fundraiser she’ll be attending. She’s under specific orders to report back to me on 3 things: Swiss Miss status, ensemble choice and breathalyzer test. Tune in tomorrow for the results!
I would hate for Gavin to think that my attendance at an anti-Gavin happy hour might in any way indicate that I no longer support his hotness. I so hella do.
Plus, I like to keep people on their toes. I mean, if I had a nickel for every time someone was all, “So, do you really like Gavin or are you kidding?” I’d be almost as rich as if I had a dime for every time someone was all, “How dare you not discuss the pressing issues facing our city! Save the hobos!” or whatever. I tend not to be able to hear those people over their lack of deodorant and perception.
Which is why I love the folks at GavinWatch. Those bitches put together one hell of a photo montage, which makes me think they can party. But if I may, a suggestion for my pals hosting tonight’s soiree; I appreciate, convenience wise, that we’re getting down in my hood tonight, but how bad-ass would it have been to throw this shit at the Matrix

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Anonymous said...

Excellent. I'm so glad you are going and I can not wait for your summary. Have a great time. I appreciate that you give the full, honest Gavin report and call him out when he does act like a dork. Whether it's his affected, phony accent speech patterns, or his pleated pants, you tell the straight story. It's so much more interesting than just saying that he's the best mayor in the whole world. Jesus, he must be good in bed! Do you think Swiss Miss proclaimed Clooney the best actor in the world during their brief boning encounter?