Sunday, March 25, 2007

feel free to use this too...

In one of the more surreal twists of my life, Swiss Miss has fucking quoted me on her website.
I know. I know. I can't believe it either.
A little while back, my pal Rita offered me a sneak peek at Swiss Miss' new movie if I'd review it for SFist. So I did.
I pretty much just called her stunning and retarded over and over.
And this is what she brilliantly pulls from it:

"Jennifer Siebel is stunning... (her) performance in "TheTrouble with Romance" is highly watchable."-The SFist

Oh, it was actually "...highly watchable, if for nothing else, to get a scantily clad glimpse into what I can only imagine to be the boudoir goings on of our Mayor and his soon to be ex-girlfriend."

1. I deeply, deeply love whomever found this and alerted me to it's existence.
2. I can't believe Jennifer Siebel actually read this. I am simultaneously thrilled and horrified.
3. I can't believe that after reading it, she actually pulls a quote from it for her fucking website.
4. There's a "The" in front of SFist? I had no idea.
5. This is the act of someone who is both insane and genius. Or simply, as stated repeatedly elsewhere, retarded.
6. I'm only sorry she didn't comment...


greg said...

This is classic Mad magazine stuff - leaving off the part that they don't like. Hilarious!

That Chick said...

Now Beth I think you can get a date with Gavin, just ask on your next post. Seriously, if Jennifer is using your quotes she is came to share Gavin.

I bet you even get a tour of his place too and maybe dessert in the morning ..wink wink if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

I guess she turned the Google alert back on, huh! She really knows how to polish a turd! I guess every day is the best day of your life when you are that delusional.

east bay girl said...

I applaud Jennifer Siebel for her use of the ellipses. Very creative. Almost as creative as the spelling in her post on SFist.

Maybe this means something good. Like maybe you'll get to meet Gavin sober next...or would you prefer him drunk again?


Anonymous said...

How can he still appear in public with her? Did you see the photos in the Sentinel? I've lost all respect for him! Ugh!

Anonymous said...

It appears that they are still together! What is he thinking?? I miss Brittanie. At least she wasn't mean! This girl is a PR nightmare. Awful.