Thursday, March 08, 2007

don't worry. i tivo'd it...

Since Wednesday is the new Thursday, I stayed home last night and watched a 2 hour History Channel documentary on the Plague.
Well, you should be because it was AWESOME.
I’ve got to do some research on who funds and produces these masterpieces because while highly educational, it was also, to use Gavin’s favorite word, salacious.
The greatest acting gig in the world has got to be a reenactor, and had I known when and where they were casting for this show, I’d have been all over it.
According to lore, the Plague made its way to Europe from the apparently dirty, filthy far east when the Mongols were about to win this big war and then suddenly all got sick. So the Mongol survivors put their dead bodies on catapults and flung them over the walls, onto their enemy soldiers.
Cue plague.
Most major cities lost 50% of their population. So what I don’t understand is how the other 50% survived. Because I’d have headed for the hills and waited that shit out. According to the incredibly dramatic narrator, the cowardly rich ran to the countryside, abandoning the poor in the plague infested cities. And shame on them.
Um, no shit.
Are you telling me that in the interest of making some self-righteous point about the equality of humanity, you’d take the incredibly high risk that you and your entire family will die a disgusting, gross, painful, indescribably horrible death?
Call me crazy, but I’m going to my country house.
You know Gavin would be at Carneros before you could say, “What’s that on your neck?”

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Anonymous said...

My boyfriend saw you at "a" bar last night. I am so sorry if he was weird. We were the people staring at you. We've been long time readers and then suddenly, there you were!
Drinking wine! Just like on the blog!
Anyway you are way, way, way prettier in person and looked really fun. We were just too chicken to say hi but were obviously acting strange. I know you noticed us.
We love you. We mean it.