Friday, February 09, 2007

what on earth to wear...

Because I am now a total media whore, I am attending Ghetto Gavin Day tomorrow and plan to share my thoughts with the world in Wednesday’s Culture Blog. Provided Gavin shows, I will be noting the following:

Ragone/John Nelson/Byorn attendance
Weirdo turnout

And since we’re supposed to be talking about poor people in the HP, I plan to 3x5 the following questions:

Why is there no Plumpjack Ingleside?
How come you always date white bitches?
Are you wearing a bullet proof vest or have you been working out?

Please alert me immediately if you want me to observe or ask anything else.
Oh my god, 22 hours until Gavin and I are in the same Child Development Center


GavinWatch said...

That's great you're going to make it. It's going to be a full-on Internet media circus! There's also going to be a press conference out front at 9:30 put on by the Bayview Newspaper, POOR Magazine, and some other groups.

sfmike said...

I'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Gavin in a CDC!

Now is a good time to announce to the world how many CDC people are gay in SF to show that it's actually white hetero men who are pedos.


Greg said...

it was nice meeting you today in're very kind...I posted a pic of the bloggers, 3 - deep, here... you and your cohorts rock...but this rain sucks ass..