Thursday, February 15, 2007

the night the lights went out in georgia...

I listen to gay radio and the other morning, Fernando and Greg were discussing everyone’s favorite topic, Designing Women vs. Golden Girls.*
Oh my god, I am so torn.
First of all, any sitcom about 4 women hanging out in the living room together, I’m all over. And at first, I was leaning towards the Golden Girls. After all, we know how I feel about Dorothy. Her costumes alone…genius.
But when push comes to shove, Designing Women wins out. Allow me to count the ways:
1. Anthony: Anthony is a flaming closeted ex-con who works with a bunch of Southern decorators and his last name is Bouvier. Enough said.
2. Bernice: Bernice wore a tree skirt as an actual skirt, which only fit halfway up her legs.
3. Julia Sugarbaker: Any episode in which Julia Sugarbaker defends justice by ripping someone a new asshole is glorious.
4. Suzanne Sugarbaker: I love her. I love her thin. I love her fat. I love her pig. I love her furs. I love how she won’t go on a diet until she meets some Ethiopian refugee. I love everything about her. Suzanne Sugarbaker performed a Supreme’s song in blackface. That, folks, is good TV and when I see Bea Arthur pull that shit, I might change my mind.

Feel free to share because I know you all have strong opinions on this hot topic...

*Do yourself a favor and click on those links. You'll thank me later.


Anonymous said...

Dorothy and Sophia once did a number as Sonny and Cher! FUCKING HILLARIOUS. Also lest not forget, the Henny Penny Play Episode with Dorothy as Turkey Lurkey! GG vs.DW, to me it's a TIE! :) Andy Jay

Anonymous said...

No way. Golden Girls is WAY better. Duh.

David said...

Let's not forget Mary Jo AKA Janine from Ghostbusters.

anonymous2 said...

Hell to the No. Golder Girls is both far funnier and smarter than Designing Women.