Tuesday, February 20, 2007

happy birthday gray cloud...

As is tradition, everyone (except poor Jason) gets a blog on their birthday and while Gray Cloud hates celebrating another year, I’ll tell you a quick story about one of our adventures.
GC and I used to drive around the hills of Marin, killing time by picking out mansions. While highly strange, we’d literally spend hours in his fancy-ass car arguing over who had better taste in high-end real estate. One rainy afternoon, we passed this kid walking along the street, hair falling in his glasses, long raincoat billowing behind him.
“Jesus Christ, that kid looks JUST like Harry Potter.”
“I know. I was thinking the same thing.”
“It’s uncanny.”
“Seriously. It’s like he’s in costume.”
We drove around some more, somehow ending up passing this kid again. This time, as we approached, we could see something scrawled in Sharpee on his white t-shirt. As we got closer, we were able to make it out.
“Oh my god, that’s awesome.”
“I love this kid.”
On his shirt, clearly penned by a frustrated hand was the phrase, “Yeah, I know I look like Harry Potter. Get over it.”
We agreed that once we could afford our mansions, we’d adopt Angry Harry and celebrate his bitter adolescence.
Because seriously, he looked EXACTLY like Harry Potter…


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Anonymous said...

thank you very much beth for your lovely post...on another note, i often curse the trailer trash i encounter down here south of the mason dixon line...and i have frequented fine establishments such as chili's...and i definitely don't hang out at the palm beach yacht club as much as i'd like...but somehow it all seems worth it as this morning i came across a flyer for the greatest thing the south has given this fine country of ours, www.burtreynoldsmuseum.org

-gray cloud

That Chick said...

Happy Birthday Gray Cloud...

On another note, Beth did you get that tooth fixed? Here's the link to the UCSF Dental stuff

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest story and the cutest picture. I have no idea who Gray Cloud is (or why he's called GC???), but he's very lucky to get such a sweet blog on his birthday. And be such good friends with such a hot writer!