Friday, December 01, 2006

you'll thank me later...

The number of people who find this blog by googling “witty evite responses” is astounding. Sadly, this is my area of expertise and I’ve compiled a list for you, broken down by occasion:

Halloween: “Trick or treat, smell my feet. I hope there are cute boys to meet.”
Christmas: “This ho, ho, ho will be in attendance.”
Dinner Party: “I’m vegan, don’t drink and only eat Kosher. Is that a problem?”
Easter: “Just like Jesus, I will rise to the occasion.”
Cocktail Party: “Shots are cocktails, right?”
Reunion: “Don’t worry. I’ve changed.”
New Year’s Eve: “I’d just like to let the other guests know, I do more than kiss at midnight. You know, just FYI…”


Anonymous said...

I need a birthday one, please.

Bonita said...

2 Things:
~ That was the greatest Halloween response of all time, especially since Coco thought he was the witty one.
~ How did the reunion with those SI skanks go anyway??

Sam said...

I am going to 2 evite events this weekend so I took the liberty of checking them both after reading your advice, to see if I have any witty friends. Hmm. I don't think I do. My BF didn't come off too badly though, bless him. When asked what food he would be bringing to the potluck he replied thus:

"I leave Sam's talent for choosing what to bring..."

Is that witty? Maybe not, but totally endearing (especially with a french accent), to me, at least.

becky said...

Have used the New Year's one several times myself.

Anonymous said...

Please come to my Birthday Party!
I am sure we can find plenty of trouble.

PS.I have a bailbondsman.