Thursday, December 14, 2006

a little gel wouldn't hurt...

Who’s going to run against Gavin? We’re all dying to know, right. We’re desperate for fabulous Franciscan fodder. We can’t wait for someone as blog-worthy as Matt “I don’t own soap” Gonzalez to challenge Princess in the upcoming election. And the obvious name on everyone’s lips is that Ross Mekalekahyniho. According to SFist, he’s “Supervisor McHottie” or whatever.
Hot, my ass.
I just checked out his Flickr page and let me tell you something. Wandering around San Francisco picking up garbage with hobos and taking pictures of it is not hot. Hosting picnics with un-wed parents and serving hot dogs and mushy apples is not hot. And weird 16th century conquistador Ponce de Leon facial hair is definitely not hot.
So, let’s all calm down and quit rushing to find the least visually offensive recycle-happy, bike-riding, incense-lighting carob eater and wait until someone who reads Esquire throws their designer ass into the ring.
I nominate Steven Jenkins because he’s a has-been whiny rock star, San Francisco is the only place in the world where anyone gives a shit about him and he’s really, really easy to make fun of…

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greg Dewar said...

get jello biafra to run again like he did in the 80s. that was hilarious!