Sunday, December 24, 2006

karen walker singing silent night. nuff said...

I love Christmas.
I love the presents. I love the food. I love the booze. I love the dressing up. I love seeing my Uncle Bill. And I love the music.
I’ll start playing Christmas tunes in July if I can get away with it, and in my eyes, I started late this year. Right around Thanksgiving, I pulled out my holiday music and downloaded it onto Mikey’s computer.
“What the fuck is this?”
“It’s Christmas music.”
“This is the gayest mix I’ve ever heard in my life.”
Oh. Well, that makes sense.
“This is Christmas from the Boys.”
“My friend Ryan, and his ex-husband made CDs for everyone each Christmas.”
“So, it literally is a gay mix.”
“You have no idea.”

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sfmike said...

Did Uncles Bill & Ted's bird give your mother a Christmas gift this year, and if so, what was it? Also, did your mother remember the bird's name?

And for my Happy Homo Holidays, it's off to the first showing of "Dreamgirls" in Cathedral City.