Monday, October 23, 2006

oh, a pirate outfit. neat...

The genius website SFist is having “Name that Couple” contest to name the shameful and hopefully terminated union of my boyfriend and Diet Red Bull. They’ve suggested the following:
This is screaming for a Spots Response, so here are my Top 5 Names for the Love that Dare Not Fuck with My Relationship:

5: One Step Down From Lynndie England
4: Rock Bottom
3: Bad Hair Day Care
2: Mid-Life Crisis ‘06
1: Real World: Civic Center

Oh, and in an exciting twist, I went to the hob-nobbin’, high falutin’, society photographer Drew Altizer’s webpage and scoped out all of the fabulous parties to which my invitation seemed to have been lost in the mail.
Matrix Birthday? Hmmmm. What’s this?
I clicked on it.
Password Protected.
Might as well take a guess.
Perhaps it’s a sign from God. Perhaps it’s meant to be. Perhaps I’m just not an idiot.
One guess and I got it. Can you?
Furthermore, I’d just like to point out that I would have blended far better than Zima in a Coffeemug (Thank you, Jason) and would have had better hair than say, Grace Jones


sfmike said...

I'm a bit developmentally disabled about pop culture, so "neo" or "Keanu" just didn't work for me for the secret Matrix password. Can you give the clueless a little hint? And your Gavin/Brittanie suggestions are genius, though I have a soft spot in my heart for "Real World: Civic Center."

Jerry said...

I got in! Awesome pics. Thanks Spots you ROCK.

Spots said...

sfmike: You have been e-mailed.

jerry: How many tries?

Jerry said...

Just one! DUH! What else would it be. Am I the only one that pays attention to your musings? :-P

Sasha said...

Can you give a(nother) hint?

Spots said...

I don't know why, but it seems like bad karma to post it outright.

Come on! You can figure it out! You read my blog, so you're obviously of superior intelligence.

Or you could just e-mail me...

Sasha said...

Are there even any photos of anyone important in that gallery? Gavin? The Google Guys? Anyone interesting? I don't understand why it's locked in the first place. Was Mountzie drinking again?

Sasha said...

Are you sure it's not Arbor Mist that she's drinking? Wow--No wonder it was password protected.

Anonymous said...

Could it be G A V I N?

Spots said...

It should be SPOTS...

Writeprocrastinator said...

"5: One Step Down From Lynndie England"

Heh-heh-heh, that is so wrong on every level.

How about "Lolita Two; This Time It's Personal!"

That, or "Vin-Nie?" or "Brat-Gav?"

Sasha said...

Someone in the SFist comments section suggested "Mountsom." No, it wasn't me, but that's definitely a winner. Even better? Gavin Mountsom.

Sam said...

i got it in one too - and i didnt peep at the comments first

Sam said...

ok - that girl looks like she is wearing 80s fancy dress (fancy dress = the English term for what I think you call costume) and the party looks dull as dull and why did they have a matrix party at what looks like jack falstaff and, and, and in picture 32 he looks like her dad.