Tuesday, October 31, 2006

kevorkian to officiate...

Celebrities delight me. Like, for example, when they plan star studded weddings at the former estates of fascist dictators. I was already waiting for the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes contingent to print a full page ad proclaiming, “Fooled you! We can’t believe you believed our bullshit!” when I read that they are considering Benito Mussolini’s former base as a potential wedding location.
You can’t make this up.
I was trying to think of a more inappropriate locale but I couldn’t. Perhaps the burned out shell of the David Koresh Compound in Waco or the abandoned People’s Temple Ranch in Guyana were already booked. I guess the Unabomber’s cabin wasn’t available and Sharon Tate’s house is being renovated. Christ, you can’t even get an afternoon in the Columbine Gymnasium on such short notice.
Therefore, TomKat chose the next best option: the former hangout of the man who invented fascism and inspired the rise of his comrade, Hitler.
Makes sense to me…

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Anonymous said...

Does Saddam have a house in Italy? The one in Iraq is occupado.