Sunday, October 15, 2006

jolley delta three...

My gay sidekick Andy is the king of the famous quote. A mover and shaker in the gay porn industry (currently working on a film involving “Latino Thugs”), Andy offers a unique perspective on carnal pleasures.
Having not seen him for awhile, I headed over to Andy rooftop pied-a-terre yesterday to hang out and watch movies. We became engrossed in The Island, starring Scarlet “What’s the big deal” Johanssen and Ewan "Distracting Mole" McGreggor, a film in which two people discover that they’re clones used as back up organs for their owners.
It’s actually surprisingly good.
Anyway, as Andy stood in his bathroom, smoking a cigarette out the window and leaning on the sink so he could still see the TV, he suddenly said, “I wish I had a clone so I could have sex with myself.”
“I said, I wish I had a clone so I could have sex with it. It’s like the ultimate in masturbation. Oh, this is a good idea for a movie. I gotta find me some twins.”
“Wait. If you had a clone of yourself, you’d have sex with him?”
“Hell yes. And this shit better not end up on the blog.” He paused. “Actually, that’s okay. It’s a good idea. You can put that shit up there...”


Becky said...

At least you know that the sex would be good...well some of us would know anyway...

Arnos said...

You will note that Scarlets main role in the film is merely to announce exactly what she and Ewan will be doing within seconds of her announcing it.
"RUN!" (they then run)
"IN HERE!" (they then run in here).

star said...

OMG!!! Becky I love it! You go Girl!!

Anonymous said...

I was so stoned whenI said that!
God, I remembered I had said something clever that WOULD make it on the blog......Ah yes, now I remember! LOL
I'm such a trip and one sick fuck to boot!
Andy Jay

Anonymous said...

I finally have the Title for this porn......
Homo Clone: Lost in San Francisco
Is Macauly Culkin out of the closet yet???? :) Well maybe I could get Doogie Houser for it, he's so fresh out of the closet, he's still got hanger marks on his back and smells like mothballs!