Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Everyone gets a blog on their birthday (except for BTOB, who gets screwed because he shares a birthday with Mikey) and Berkeleyist is no exception. On my way to work this morning, I was trying to think of a Laura story that I haven’t already blogged about, although as a main “character” here at Spotsblog, our adventures have been notoriously and consistently logged.
Who can forget our first meeting, a clandestined romp through Hayes Valley at Sauce and Hotel Biron? I knew we’d be friends forever when Lo announced at 11pm, “I’ll get the first bottle.”
Or the time we were trapped out back at Zeitgeist and, in an attempt to tell an animated story to unattractive strangers, I completely ate gravel and Lo, in glorious sisterly friendship, managed to pretend it never happened.
What about the time we went to see the effervescent Nicole McRory at Foley’s and Lo managed to not only woo yet another “older gentleman,” but agreed to meet him for brunch the next morning.
There are so many wonderful tales of late night tomfollery through San Francisco hotspots, but I must say, Lo will forever have a space in my heart as the sole witness to the greatest night in the history of Spots and Berkeleyist. That’s right. You guessed it.
Picture it. The back room of Tosca. 2 months ago.
Lo stood in one corner, charming Jenny from Forrest Gump. I stood in another, engrossed in conversation and flirtatious physical contact with Gavin. We snuck glances across the pool table, safe in the knowledge that such an unimaginable moment would shock our systems into sobriety. There is no friend like the friend that was the friend that was there when you officially met your future spouse. And for me (and Gavin), that friend was Lo. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime, a more wonderful enabler and a more generous date.
So here’s to Laura; driver of bridges, lover of Oprah and drinker of wine.
Happy Birthday, Lo!


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HBTY, Laura!!

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