Thursday, October 26, 2006

as in jon?

To my great dismay, I’ve been out of the loop on what appears to be a fabulous “mystery.” Apparently, someone’s been slapping stickers all over the city proclaiming in big, block letter, “BNE.” So horrified by these acts of vandalism, Gavin has offered a $2500 reward for the capture of this “artist.”
Artist, my ass.
THIS is a graffiti artist, folks and we should be so lucky to have Banksy grace our fair city with his masterpieces. BNE, it turns out with a quick search of “the google,” probably stands for some dude named Benet and that’s his tag. Only, he doesn’t tag it. He puts it on stickers and sticks them.
Big deal.
I could make stickers of a bunch of white circles on a black background and think I’m all sneaky because it stands for Spots. But I don’t. Because that is lame.
However, should I find this Benet character, I will have no problem turning his poser ass in, provided I can get my reward in the form of dinner at French Laundry and a passionate night of raunchy goings on at the Carneros Inn


Your little brother said...

"passionate night of raunchy goings on at the Carneros Inn…" Ewww

Sunset Boy said...

Banksy is awesome.

Sunset Boy said...

Actually, that was me putting up all of those stickers. I ordered 10,000 with my name in all caps and they came back misspelled, with a "no refunds" policy, so I had to get rid of them somehow. Only 8,500 more to go and I'll be out of your hair. Sorry SF!