Saturday, September 09, 2006

it's like they're cufflinks...

Maybe he paniced. "Oh my god, I took a 12 year old to the Symphony Gala. Shit, I need to find someone fast. Anyone."
But twice in one week is getting blatantly mean. And this, THIS is insane. Who's next? Tara Reid? Lyndie England? The lady that put a finger in her chili?
Now, like any good American, I hate the Opera just like everyone else. But I would have gladly ditched the Velvet Cantina and Hotel Biron last night to attend this shit, and uh, I would've dressed appropriately.

Because the Chronicel's caption on this is glorious. "Mayor Gavin Newsom arrives with one-time reality show star Erin Brodie. Brodie, who works for a software company, flew in from New York. She is wearing a Marchesa dress and was among the few women who wore knee-length dresses to the traditionally white tie event."
Wouldn't it have been fabulous if some old, uptight socialite stopped them at the front door, handed her a matronly, floor length, purple Bill Blass and sneered, "Perhaps you'd be more comfortable in this."
Seriously, before you do anything else with your day, READ THIS. It's a day in the life with Erin 2 years ago, and it honestly makes me want to grab a shotgun and start picking people off from the top of Coit Tower. She was on a reality show called "For Love or Money." I pretty much watch any crap on television, and I've barely heard of this disgrace. Oh, and when Erin was given the option of winning the guy she'd be competing for or a million dollars, just guess which option the bitch chose.
Okay, folks. No one loves Gavin like I do. But seriously. What the fuck?


honorary roomie said...

yeah. i, um, watched for love or money. the guy they picked as the 'catch' was some balding, wanna-be cologne-ad guy- and not good cologne. like walgreens stuff. and her knees look knobby in her prom dress.

lo said...

I think this is the girl I saw him kissing at Tosca. She was poorly dressed then too.

sfmike said...

It really has been quite a Parade of Babes over the last couple of months, hasn't it? I think he's just testing you and your devotion.

And to think if only he'd settle on you, Gavin's life would be instantly perfect, and he'd be in the White House in no time.

Just curious, would you still have a blog as First Lady?

Sunset Boy said...

she was a local celeb when that show was on, how'd you miss it? (Although it was the blink and you miss it, famous Dad, reality show celeb type, like Andrew Firestone. Who i think she also dated for 5 minutes)

Anonymous said...

Gavin is smart....he's dating her because of her knobby knees, but maybe cuz she is worth 3 mill and won't spend his money.

Molly said...

He's rich, powerful and hot. So why is he going out with all these no-nameers? The lacrosse player I can accept... albeit a little young. But a reality star has-been? A reality show no-one has heard of? He really needs a better manager/p.r. person.