Friday, August 04, 2006

i, uh, can't believe, uh, oh my god...

For reasons I can't begin to explain, Lo and I were invited to party with the wildly cool kids in the back room of Tosca last night after our dinner at Bix. We sucked down that drink at Bix and headed into Tosca, right after some guy in a swank suit, with a bodyguard following him and a very predictable woman on his arm. Lo grabbed my arm. “BETH. THAT WAS GAVIN.”
Oh my god, I don’t know that I can handle typing this.
We walked into Tosca as Laura took over. “I’ll get drinks. Go scope out the back room.”
I walked to the back and peeking in the closed door.
Sean Penn. Princess Buttercup. A few cool looking people. Gavin. Ho. Me.
“Beth! Come in!”
At this point, my life is pretty much complete. But wait. Just wait.
So Lo appears with drinks and we commence speaking with our lovely new friends. I kind of break off and dive into a chat with one, sipping my wine and attempting to avoid staring at Dead Man Walking 2 feet away. Oh, oh, oh. And Buttercup keeps coming by saying hi, asking Lo questions, getting thinner, etc.
Okay. Are you with me? I’m talking to new friends in the back room of Tosca.
Then…I feel a hand touching my back.
Oh my god. I don’t know that I can handle typing this.
It was Gavin. We spoke for approximately 7 minutes. He laughed at 3 (three) things I said. Real laughs. Drunk laughs. Laughs that made my year. I don’t remember what I said. I just remember that as it exited my mouth, I thought, “That was a good one, Spots. Nice. Nice. Oh my god. What if I fall over?”
I’m telling you, people. This was a casual, back room of Tosca, Mystic River in the room, laid back, CAME UP TO ME conversation.
He appeared slightly drunk. Lo thought he was shorter than expected. I thought he was taller. What the fuck am I saying? The man rubbed my back! Oh, and no tie. Collar unbuttoned. Drinking wine with me. Laughing at my jokes.
Hold on.
I just fell off my chair. One sec.
At this point, I start talking too much. I said something about how his dad and I went to the same high school. Snooze. Or maybe his ho was passed out or bothering I Am Sam. Gavin departs to another conversation and I return to new friend, who informs me that Gavin used to date some actress.
Oh really?
Lo and I are giving each other the slightest, mini looks, desperate to scream, explode and roll around on the ground. Lovely new friends leave, and we depart to the regular bar as well, wisely thinking that when our hosts left, we should quit while we’re ahead.
And uh, that’s pretty much all I remember. Until I shot out of bed 10 minutes ago, remembering to tell you fine people.
Oh my god, I don’t think I can handle remembering this…


lo said...

OMG. And, I can attest, he was stroking Beth's back. The minute he left I leaned in and asked her what he said. She replied, "I don't remember. It was an out of body experience." OMG.

Anonymous said...

How did you not get a picture?

KG said...


Vernetta said...

Did he get your cell number?
Home number?
When's the wedding?

Anonymous said...

Chill, Beth. This is the first of many interactions!!!

Christine said...

Beth - Robin Wright Penn and Sean? oh yeah, and GAVIN. Amazing! and I was stuck at a shithole with angry disgruntled salespeople while you had the most memorable night of your life?

Priorities is flashing through my head.


You should volunteer to work on the Bayview redevelopment with him.

Spots said...

Okay, I'm slowly remembering the following:
1. He referred to Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States of America as "Bill"
2. He rubbed my back. (Perhaps I mentioned that previously.)
3. He made referrence to playing baseball at Santa Clara when I mentioned Redwood High School
4. He was big into the eye contact. I sensed chemistry. I'm pretty sure he sensed a restraining order.
5. He really likes Tony Blair.
6. He touched me 3-4 times. Physically. Emotionally, thousands...

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Are you kidding!

Two years of blogging about him and who comes up to who? HE comes up to YOU. I repeat, HE comes up to YOU. Beth Anne, you are the fucking shit and I love you and think you are awesome and I'm so excited to have read this blog because the payoff rocked. Nice fucking work, Spots. Way to live up to the hype.
PS. Miss you. You look great. Really. Really great.

Spots said...

Jeez J, I love how excited you are. Lo and I are still reeling, barely believing that shit actually happened.
Seriously, babe. I couldn't have imagined anything better. Ever.

sfmike said...

At first, I thought you were getting all meta on us, but in truth it's reality that's getting all meta. This is my favorite story in a very long while for all kinds of reasons. And good luck with the career coup involving I Am Sam's Wife.

Anonymous said...

Who is Princess Buttercup?