Wednesday, August 16, 2006

are ye kidding me...

Ah, Berkeleyist.
"So it'll be a mellow night. 7 to 10ish, just hanging out because I'm exhausted. Cool?"
Her words rang in my ears as the staff at Johnny Foley's turned on the overhead lights at 2am. I looked over to find Miss 10pm with a 59 year old Irish guy hanging all over her, screaming over the music about her beautiful eyes and telling her what to do with her life.
We were at Foley's to see Nicole McRory, an extraordinary performer whom Lo had mentioned ages ago and I'd been fortunate enough to run into on several occasions.
How to describe Nicole?
Well, as I mentioned to the 59 year old Irish guy, "Nicole used to be a Nicolas."
But that's beside the point. Or at least the 2 points I want to make. The first is that Nicole's repitoire is exceptional. She takes requests and prefers them to be from her massive book of songs. I've requested "Pink Houses", "White Wedding" and pretty much every Johnny Cash song I know. Even better, she performs her cover songs in the voice of the original singer. And really, you haven't lived till you've seen Nikki switch her guitar strap from the embroidered "Nikki" side to the "Pussy" side, curl her lips and belt "Walk the Line." Nikki personifies the, "Dance like nobodys watching" because she sings it like you sing it in your car, only better and with an electric guitar.
The second point I want to make is that I think Nikki is currently in love with me. Lo and her beautiful eyes may have snagged the 59 year old Irish guy, but Nikki was performing to a packed house and working ME into songs.
"Oh my god! Did you hear that?!?!"
"YES! Nikki loves me!"
The 59 year old Irish guy leaned over, "Hold on, love. Yer tellin' me that's a bloke?"
No, sweetheart. That's MY bloke...


big chris said...

hi beth,
I just read you blurb and I'm glad to see that laura is turning you into a raging alcoholic. I can see an intervention coming up. also you forgot to mention that jack nicholson was at that guy's party plus he paid for hot chicks to
be there and mingle with guests, and how you went into this guy's fridge to steal me beer. I'm so hungry I'm about to go to jack n' the crack for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »