Thursday, July 27, 2006

question of the day...

Who would win in a fight?

Robbie Williams vs. Colin Farrell?
Mariah Carey vs. Whitney Houston?
Rachel Ray vs. Paula Deen?
Tim Gunn vs. Michael Kors?
Kimberly Goldigger vs. Sofia Eurotrash?


Anonymous said...


Hands down. No question.

morgan said...

Rachael Ray would beat the shit out of Paula Deen.

Towski said...

1. Robbie is a punk. Colin would simply overwhelm him with his odor.

2. Depends. Does Mariah have either crack or cash on her?

3. Rachel.

4. Please. As much as I love Tim, he's not bitchy enough to beat Michael.

5. Either way, the only winner is Spots.

Anonymous said...

Whitney would beat MC down in a heart beat! Whitney's a crack-head, remember? Crack-heads fight dirty. Trust me, I leave next to Compton, I know about this shit!